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hi guys! happy new year!
sorry I haven't been updating at all, it's been a busy year plus I had a bit (no, it was more than a bit) of a writer's block
I was going to post something up (it's fem!baeksoo) soon once I finished writing...buuutttt my laptop died and won't charge so I can't finish writing it :(

I do have part of it on my phone so I shall post it right here :D

twitter: krispykyu (you'll see me cry over yifan and his perfection)
ask.fm: kyuhyunlover3

anddd shout out to the university of edinburgh students :)

Title: Baeksoo WIP
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: femslash, toys (and probably grammar since this was the first draft)
Summary: PWP, fuck buddies AU (for now. the actual thing is still PWP but there is at least some sort of a plot)

Baeksoo WIPCollapse )

Drabble Dump

The Every You | Krisoo | PG-13
Honestly this is really just word vomit. Uh...Wu Fan chases balls of yarn.
Warnings: Cat!Kris

Wu Fan's a cliche cat.Collapse )

Untitled | Xiuchen | PG-13
Warnings: Fem!Jongdae

“My eyes are up here, sweetie.”Collapse )

Invalid Soft Toys | Kris/Reader | PG-13
because i just like domestic!au and kris. your soft toy is invalid.

"Ace is special."Collapse )

I feel like I have to say something about this situation.
Kris SituationCollapse )

Untitled | fem!cat!taohun | NC-17
Sehun has a habit of not locking her door when she changes in her room.
Warnings: use of toys (vibrator), tribbing, mentions of collar? (there's no use of it though)

Sehun always did have a habit of not locking the door while she changesCollapse )


hey guysss
as you all have probably heard about the EYK thing that is going on right now, people are locking their fics.
and honestly, i was starting to lock my fics but...honestly it's too much and...i still post them on deviant and AFF so i'd have to lock those too...

but anyways, i just decided to leave it unlock, because honestly, i don't want my readers/future readers to stop reading my fics because of this thing that's happening. that and because then i'd get a lot of friend requests just to read my fics, and none of them actually talks to me.

and also, i legit have only watched two videos of EYK which was the korea challenge one, and that was it. so i wouldn't be watching the videos anyways.

saying that, it is not ok to send fanfic links to them without the writers consent. it could do some damage, and you yourself could lose a pretty damn good writer (i.e. amazing writers like thesockmonster, ddankkoma, eexiee, g_odaslique13 etc etc). so please don't do it (or at least ask if they're ok with it). i think i genuinely would not care if you did, but i have a feeling then people would message me and say EYK mentioned me and said wtv they said and that'll just make me wanna see the video and could potentially make me upset. so please don't send my fic links. and i trust you as my lovely readers to not send my fic links, and in return i have left my fics unlocked :)



Aftercare | fem!kaisoo | NC-17
Jongin likes it rough, and Kyungsoo gets off on that.
Warning: use of gag ball, use of crop whip/spanking, BDSM nature

AftercareCollapse )

Cotton Tail

Cotton Tail | Nana(from After School)/Fem!Lay | NC-17
pwp. my birthday present to my best guy friend (@setaya on tumblr), ily so much and happy birthday again <3
warning: femslash, toys (plug), anal

Happy Birthday!Collapse )

i just got an ask.fm, so leave me a message!
here: http://ask.fm/kyuhyunlover3

How To NOT Train Your Dragon

How To NOT Train Your Dragon | Krisho, side!Kevin/Yixing | PG-13
fill for this lovely prompt on exopromptmeme, OP i hope you like it!

Kevin really needs to stop hanging out with Heechul's dragon, Chen.Collapse )


guys please check out this fic that i helped beta for the runandgun exchange
your support would be really great :)


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