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How To NOT Train Your Dragon

How To NOT Train Your Dragon | Krisho, side!Kevin/Yixing | PG-13
fill for this lovely prompt on exopromptmeme, OP i hope you like it!

Wu Fan can honestly say from the day he saw and trained his dragon, with a whole lot of optimism, the dragon and him have a love-hate relationship. Again, a whole lot of optimism. And at times like this, Wu Fan wonders why he didn’t give up on his dragon, Kevin, when he was still training the said dragon. As much as Wu Fan could easily release Kevin, he would like to think they had some sort of sentimental affection he (and hopefully Kevin) couldn’t give up.


Again, a LOT of optimism.

Wu Fan thinks in the back of his mind as he spits out the dirt that was in his mouth and rubs his bruised nose. Of course his dragon would think it's funny to purposefully, emphasis on purposefully, dropping him to the ground when they were about to land, huffing smoke at Wu Fan smugly when he made his way towards his trainer.

Kevin really needs to stop hanging out with Heechul's dragon, Chen.

Considering their relationship, and Kevin had a tendency to either burn strangers' bare hands or clothes (whichever happens first – hands if they manage to even touch his overly heated skin, clothes if they weren’t so lucky, both if they were extremely unlucky) at the first meeting (this only happens if it was a male, and it unfortunately happens way too often, that he has a couple of spares for himself and whoever else), to say that he was surprised at the scene was an understatement of the century. Kevin was actually enjoying himself while a stranger was petting him, he almost looks like a dog instead of a dragon, with his tail swishing against the grass and his usually pointed ears flattened.

The stranger looked somewhat familiar, probably someone he's seen around a few times but never really interacted with. A gasp gets caught in his throat when he realizes it's Joonmyeon, aka probably the nicest piece of eye candy in the village that Wu Fan's ever laid eyes on (and the person whom Wu Fan has the biggest crush on).

They've talked a couple of times, a hi-bye sorta thing. They're also not exactly friends, just mere acquaintances, but Wu Fan does tend to get a little (if not, very) distracted whenever he sees Joonmyeon. Wu Fan is, unfortunately, pretty awkward when it comes to people he has a crush on. The first girl he ever liked, Wu Fan gave her a dead frog, and to this day, Wu Fan doesn't know why the fuck he did that.

"Oh Wu Fan!" Joonmyeon's voice cuts off his train of thoughts, waving his hands animatedly at Wu Fan. Be cool Wu Fan, be cool.

"H-Hi." smooth. He swears he can hear Kevin snorting at him, " are you not burnt by him...?" Wu Fan asks, still a bit in awe, and misses the death glare Kevin gives him.

"Oh! I'm part water nymph!" Joonmyeon says a bit excitedly, wiggling his fingers (cutely, Wu Fan might add), causing the wet dew on the grass to be lifted up in the air and form into a little ball in Joonmyeon's hands. "See!" he's so damn cute.

Wu Fan kind of hopes he's not making a dumb face, because according to Lu Han, he makes a very strange looking face when he finds someone dreamy. "Oh that's cool." Wu Fan says.

"It's alright I guess." Joonmyeon says, dropping the ball of water before returning to scratch at a sensitive spot at the base of Kevin’s wings. "What's his name?" he asks.

"Kevin." Wu Fan replies, and he feels his heart tug a little with envy, because to this day, Kevin and him were never this chummy.

"Kevin." Joonmyeon repeats, "Next time when I meet the both of you, I'll bring Yixing along with me. They the two of you can have a play date." he says, squatting down to scratch a spot of black scales just under Kevin's chin.

Kevin gives his owner a look, and Wu Fan swears he can hear a quiet heh, I'm getting more action with Joonmyeon than you had in the pass year. Plus, I got a date, and he swears he sees Kevin sticking his tongue out at him.

He really doesn't like his dragon.

After Kevin's and Joonmyeon's first meeting, whenever the three of them were together, Kevin would tail after Joonmyeon. And Wu Fan is pretty sure Kevin was competing with him for Joonmyeon's attention. Kevin also completely stopped following Wu Fan's orders whenever Joonmyeon was around, and only listens when Joonmyeon scratches at all the right spots and tells him to listen to Wu Fan.

He was pretty sure he was being cockblocked.

Actually, very sure.

Especially that one time when Wu Fan and Joonmyeon were talking (which was a very rare occurrence ever since Kevin met Joonmyeon), and Kevin had busied himself in the bushes, bringing back a makeshift bouquet of flowers for Joonmyeon. The water nymph blushes a pretty pink hue, petting the dragon's head as a thank you, Wu Fan ignores the tug at his heart strings when he sees Joonmyeon looking a little reluctant or guilty to accept them.

Wu Fan was just envious that Joonmyeon and Kevin could get along...right?

The day Joonmyeon brought his dragon, Yixing, to meet them was probably Wu Fan's happiest day ever. In the back of Wu Fan's mind, he was laughing maniacally when he saw Kevin actually being shy and trying to hide behind Wu Fan's towering figure, but he pets Kevin's bum to get him to walk over to Yixing, who was smiling dazedly at Kevin. Joonmyeon actually coos at how cute Kevin is and how cute their dragons look together, and oh my fucking god it's probably the worlds' most adorable thing ever.

As they were about to land, Kevin thought it would be funny to throw Wu Fan into the ocean. The rider groans and complains about his dragon as he walks out of the water, now thoroughly drench in salt water and stinks of brine. Clouds of smoke escapes through Kevin's nostrils as he laughs at Wu Fan, extremely proud and pleased. "Yah," Wu Fan shouts out while he pulls out his boots before tipping it to get all the water out, "If you do that again, I'll ground you from seeing Yixing." Wu Fan warns, and Kevin whimpers, Wu Fan can't say he isn't pleased that he can now blackmail his dragon.

"I thought I heard your voice." A quiet voice breaks the banter that was going on between the rider and the dragon. Wu Fan looks up and -wow.

Wu Fan's brain is currently having a mental breakdown and word-vomiting in his head, he’s pretty sure he’s drooling or at least his mouth was watering at the sight. Joonmyeon is equally drenched as Wu Fan, but shirtless, S H I R T L E S S, and bringing his hand up to slick his bangs back, Wu Fan splutters.

Wow those abs...he kind of wants to put his mo- NO WU FAN.

He chokes, and Joonmyeon rushes over to stroke his back, wow that feels really nice. Wu Fan isn't sure what Joonmyeon's saying now, because wow, those abs, and all that skin. Oh my god, those hip dents, Wu Fan just wants to grab them.

"W-Wu Fan! Your nose!" Joonmyeon exclaims, scrambling around and looking through Wu Fan's bag that was attached to the bespoke saddle on Kevin's smooth back for something. Wu Fan touches his nose, only to notice that he’s having a nosebleed.

Kevin snorts at his owner, watching the latter press the long sleeves of his shirt to his nose while his free hand pinches the bridge of it. Idiot. The dragon snorts again.

Wu Fan shoots Kevin a dirty look. If Yixing could be drenched or if Joonmyeon was a dragon, you'd find it hot too.

Wu Fan thinks he and Kevin have gotten closer, a lot closer, because of this Joonmyeon thing that was happening. Kevin was actually listening to him now with all the extra help Joonmyeon's given him (possibly also because of the half-hearted threats Wu Fan says to Kevin about not letting the dragon meet Yixing. Wu Fan would never go through with it, he finds their relationship adorable and extremely endearing. Yes, Wu Fan was a sucker for romance.)

The water nymph suddenly squeaks and jumps at the sudden contact at his butt, scooting away from Wu Fan and closer to Kevin, who was on the other side, in the process. Wu Fan looks at him with wide eyes, a little taken aback by that, before he notices the red stain painted across the nymph's face.

"D-Did you just...?" Joonmyeon stutters, glancing at Wu Fan's hand, the one that was closer to Joonmyeon, then looking up at Wu Fan. "Did you just...s-slap my butt...?" He asks carefully as he tries to will his cheeks back to their original pale colour.

The elder splutters and chokes on air, cheeks flushing with embarrassment, "I didn't!" He tries to argue, but it's pointless, Wu Fan can clearly tell Joonmyeon doesn't believe him, and the latter was already walking a little faster, to put a good amount of distance between them.

Something taps the back of Wu Fan's calves, which causes him to look down  at his dragon, who was swishing his tail and smirking at Wu Fan.

Heh, at least now he knows you want a piece.

Nevermind. Still not friends.

Wu Fan can’t exactly say everything went back to normal after that incident. Especially with Kevin around, the dragon also managed to convince Yixing to join him and make Wu Fan’s life painful. And ever since then, Kevin’s been playing matchmaker, purposely bumping into either owners to bring them closer, before he cringes at the sight with Yixing, who giggles behind light blue wings (and the last time, his hind legs nearly tripped over Kevin’s smaller body).

Like right now.

The water nymph was chest to chest with him, both their legs almost practically tangled between each other, while their dragons chuckles, circling at their owner’s legs and Yixing tucks his tail away and pretends like he didn’t just trip his owner with his tail. “S-Sorry!” Joonmyeon says, trying to put some distance between them with his hand at Wu Fan’s chest, before he splutters and moves his hands away, cheeks going a brighter shade of red and his face is starting to rival an exploding tomato.

The latter tries to avert his eyes, anywhere that just wasn’t Joonmyeon, because Wu Fan doesn’t think his heart can go any faster without just bursting out of his chest and into Joonmyeon’s face or something. He really wants to kick Kevin for doing this, but they’ll probably topple over which could potentially hurt their dragons and themselves, because honestly, Yixing is pretty damn tall.

“It’s okay…” Wu Fan mumbles, wow why is it so hot, his cheeks flushing crimson. His arms hold on to Joonmyeon’s elbows when the other looks like he was going to fall over. “Guys cut it out!” Wu Fan snaps at their dragons, honestly he kinds of want to stay like this but Joonmyeon doesn’t seem too comfortable.

Surprisingly, their dragons do as Wu Fan says a bit too quickly, and Wu Fan is suddenly splashed with water. And now he knows why. Wu Fan blinks away the water from his eyes, while Joonmeyon apologizes profusely, almost knocking Wu Fan’s chin when he bows in apology. The elder is still a little confused with this whole situation, a lot more confused when Joonmyeon pushes him away and calls after Yixing, not before he apologizes to Wu Fan and takes off with his dragon.

Kevin looks equally puzzled as Wu Fan, tipping his head left and right. Don’t look at me, I didn’t do it.

Did Joonmyeon just lose control of his powers…?

Kevin thinks his owner his being ridiculously whiny. It’s been weeks after that thing he and Yixing did that thing they did, Kevin can’t really remember, he really misses Yixing but Joonmyeon’s been avoiding his owner, so no Joonmyeon, no Yixing…And he also missed Yixing’s owner, gloves always chafes his scales, so it was nice to be scratched with bare hands. “You miss Yixing?” Wu Fan asks, not really expecting an answer, scratching a spot at the top of Kevin’s head, just between his pointed ears, as he sighs. “I have to admit, you did good.” His owner says, before he sighs again.

A couples of days later, Wu Fan can’t say he isn’t ecstatic when he sees Joonmyeon, who looks a bit reluctant, at their doorstep. His heart thumps a million miles an hour and all Wu Fan can think off is how he wants to hug Joonmyeon because Joonmyeon just looks so cute, looking everywhere and rubbing the back of his neck.

“U-Umm…” Joonmyeon starts, “Yixing…flew us here instead…” he continues, a bit unsurely, still rubbing the back of his neck. “About the other time…I’m sorry about the whole…splashing thing. I kind of lost control of my powers? Which was a bit weird, that never happened before. Maybe the last time I lost control of my powers was when I actually got it and…” He’s rambling. And Wu Fan thinks it’s so adorable, and Joonmyeon is still rambling. Wu Fan notices Yixing, who’s at the side, nudging at his leg to shift Joonmyeon closer, and he himself feels Kevin nudging him as well.

Well, do something. Kevin seems to say.

“Crap, I’m rambling again.” Joonmyeon says, pressing the pads of his fingers against his lips, eyebrows furrowed.

“…so cute.” Wu Fan manages to say even before he realizes it, causing both of them to flush pink and Kevin to roll his eyes while Yixing covers his.

Awkward silence.








What’s that smell?






Why is my butt so hot?



“Is something bu--”

“Wu Fan! Your pants are on fire!” Joonmyeon shouts, flapping his hands at Wu Fan’s burning butt.

“Kevin! What did I tell you about burning my pants?!” Wu Fan scolds his dragon, swatting his hand over the licking flames. The water nymph manages a water ball in his palms before he puts out the flames, petting Wu Fan’s butt to make sure the flames were actually put out.

Joonmyeon’s eyes crinkles into crescents and a muffled fit of laughter escapes the back of his throat when he sees the damage. A gaping hole, dead centre where the fabric would’ve been covering Wu Fan’s butt.

“This is really embarrassing.” Wu Fan mumbles, scratching the back of neck.

“At least your underwear is still intact?” Joonmyeon tries to comfort Wu Fan, biting the inside of his cheek to hide his grin that was creeping up to his face.

Wu Fan flushes in embarrassment, turning around so he was facing Joonmyeon once again after he gives Kevin a glare. I can do worse. So you better tell Joonmyeon, Kevin threatens as jet black irises sharpens into slits to glare at his owner.

“…um red is a good shade on you?” the other male continues, hoping that it would ease off the tension between the dragon and the owner. “And…uh…you got a hot butt?” he coughs out, cheeks tinging pink, causing  Wu Fan to gape at the joke.

“Fuck…why are you so cute.” Wu Fan says absentmindedly, “…I just want to hug you and go flying with you and kiss you…why are you so pretty. And your lips are so pretty too and ugh I just--”

Wow, Joonmyeon’s lips are soft—and wow.

“You talk too much.” Joonmyeon quietly replies, biting on his lower lip as his eyes flicker from Wu Fan’s eyes and back to Wu Fan’s lips, stepping on top of Wu Fan’s toes so he can peck the latter on the lips. “I like you too.”

“Ow! Kevin!” Wu Fan scolds his dragon when Kevin slaps his owner’s butt with his tail, making Joonmyeon and Yixing giggle.

“My boyfriend has a hot butt, even dragons wants a piece.”

“You are never going to let me live this down, are you?”



- Kevin is Toothless, Yixing is Stormfly?...just minus the spikes on the tail...
- i had a looooot of fun writing this so i hope you enjoy!

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i'm basically an incoherent mess now
bless this au bless this story and bless u


aww thank you!
glad you like it c:


(sorry still incoherent!)

this aweeeeesommmee!! no, perfect actually!
i was squealing all the way...
i bet my roommate think i'm crazy now.... keke


awww! thank you!
soooooooooooo glad you like it <333333333333333333

I facepalmed when Yifan had a nosebleed (but okay, you're forgiven because you're handsome and Junmyeon is really for you)

this is so cute T_T thank you for writing <333

thank you for reading!
glad you like it!

sooo cute!
yifan is such an awkward person.okay.junmyeon too. u w u
they're perfect for each other here haha!
I really enjoyed reading this! the dragons are soooo helpful lol! ♡

thank you!
glad you like it!

So adorable...Wu Fan...can you not? True to life being a sucker for cute and adorable

Just tell Joonmyeon everything eh?

Kevin and Yixing trying to set up their owners...aww

thank you!
glad you like it!

lol this was super cute heeheehee~
like totally adorable
good job kevin, good job~ same with yixing XDDD heeheehee~
just too cute~

thank you! glad you like it!



wufan no, baby, you don't give girls dead frogs.

this was so lighthearted and hilarious :) just what the prompt needed ^-^ i loved the movie and i love this pairing it's like putting rainbows and cupcakes together and wow hi im ang can i love you <3

awwww thank you!
glad you like it!
/hugsssss hi i'm clare :) and yes you can hehehe

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