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Untitled | fem!cat!taohun | NC-17
Sehun has a habit of not locking her door when she changes in her room.
Warnings: use of toys (vibrator), tribbing, mentions of collar? (there's no use of it though)

Zitao should be used to this by now, walking in on Sehun either stripping out of her clothes for a well-deserved bath or walking in on her fastening the clasp of her bra, since they’ve been living together for just over two years and Sehun always did have a habit of not locking the door while she changes, because honestly, Zitao has seen Sehun naked countless of times. She should be, but she isn’t. Her cheeks would still flush a faint shade of pink whenever her eyes locks on the curves of Sehun’s back, her gaze would then drop, following the path of Sehun’s spine to where Sehun’s slightly off-white coloured tail starts before she mumbles an apology, which always elicits a laugh from Sehun, who tells her that Zitao’s seen her naked plenty of times so what’s the difference?.

This time though with Zitao’s heat period just around the corner, she’s sure Sehun could smell the hint of pheromones that Zitao immediately starts releasing once she walked into their shared room. The younger feline should be illegal, especially when she’s wearing mismatching underwear that managed to complement each other, with her hands up and over her head ready to pull a white tank top over her chest. Mismatching underwear should be a turn off, especially to Zitao! Not make Sehun look even godlier, damn it!

Her ears twitched as her eyes takes in the sight in front of her. Sehun was flatter than Zitao to say the least, racking a pair of 36Bs that currently filled out the pink leopard print bra that Zitao picked out the other day so well, while her perky butt fits perfectly in a pair of pink lace panties that had a gap just between the thin piece of ribbon, folded into a neat bow, and the pink lace that just covered the cleft of her ass, allowing her tail to poke out. Zitao bites down on her lower lip, averting her eyes anywhere that was not Oh Sehun, crap, she could feel her nipples stiffening under her shirt.

 "Tao...Tao...Tao!" Sehun calls out, shaking her collar in front of Zitao vigorously, the dangling piece of metal attached to the collar clanking noisily, snapping Zitao out of her train of thought. The elder cat blinks a couple of times for her vision to focus again, before letting out a quiet ‘oh’. Sehun now had a tank top over her bra, which Zitao thinks it’s absolutely pointless when she can still see a hint of Sehun’s bra through the material, with her hand shoving her collar into Zitao’s hands before she leads Zitao to the bed and sits between her legs.

 “Why don’t you just turn it around to fasten it?” Zitao asks, wrapping her arms around Sehun’s waist, pulling her closer to her. Her ears twitch again when she hears Sehun heave out a sigh when she pushes Sehun’s long, rainbow coloured hair to the side, fingers brushing up at the sliver of neck as she fiddles with the fasteners on Sehun’s collar.

 “This is like me asking you ‘why don’t you shower by yourself?’.” Sehun purrs with lazy smirk, rewarding her with a spluttering Zitao, saying something on the lines of ‘you know I don’t like the water!’, flicking her tail in Sehun’s face as a kind of revenge.

 “There, done.” Zitao says once she fastens the buckle of the collar, leaning back just in time as Sehun nearly whacks Zitao with her arms as she stretches her back, grumbling under her breath as she slumps back to her original position. “Rough day at work?” the Chinese girl asks Sehun, pressing her fingers into the back of Sehun’s nape to work the knots out of Sehun’s neck, quickly soothing her nerves.

 The latter just nods, sighing and purring in content when Zitao forces her head down and works a knot out of her neck, “Bitchy customers, plus the mess after the store clearance.” she muffles a reply, arching her back into Zitao’s touches. Once Zitao deems she’s done, Sehun hooks her finger underneath Zitao's collar and tugs hard on it to peck Zitao on the lips as a thank you, purposefully catching Zitao’s lower lip with her teeth teasingly as she tilts her head back, chuckling lowly when the elder follows after her for more.

 Her tail brushes up at Zitao's legs, from the calves to the firm thighs and back as she turns around and crawls into the latter's lap, suppressing the shiver that ran up her spine when her nose picks up Zitao's pheromones. Resting her hands on either side of Zitao's shoulders, she leans forward, lips brushing at the shell of Zitao's ear, pressing her breasts against the slightly larger ones while her tail traces the soft curves of Zitao's torso, just barely catching the hitch of breath that sends more thrills down her spine.

 "I can smell it." Sehun purrs, tugging at the lobe with her teeth and playing with the golden studs that were decorating the shell of her ear as she soothes out the bite mark with her tongue. Her hands travels downwards, following the path that her tail left, sliding down from Zitao's shoulder to the slender waist, allowing her fingers to flutter along the hem of her old t-shirt before she starts sneaking them up underneath the shirt and feeling up Zitao’s faint abs.

"Please, you're letting out more than I am." Zitao retaliates a little breathlessly, tipping her head to the side when Sehun kisses down her jaw line then down her neck, letting out a muffled noise as Sehun nibbles at her neck. The latter pulls down the collar slightly in order to lick up at Zitao’s jugular, trying to leave cover every inch of skin near the collar with bite marks, earning a hiss from Zitao. “I have to model for Baekhyun tomorrow, ease up on the bite marks.” Zitao says.

“Baekhyun’s pretty good with makeup, she can cover it up. Plus she knows what we do anyways; she shouldn’t be expecting any less.” Sehun smirks down at Zitao when she pulls away from her neck. Her hands hikes Zitao’s shirt up as they wrap themselves around Zitao’s waist, moving them up to tickle at her ribs before quickly removing the article clothing and revealing the beautifully tanned skin that Sehun loves.  “Yum." Sehun whispers, nuzzling her face Zitao's shoulders before tugging at the collar and latching her lips on Zitao's neck once again.

"Were you planning to have fun without me?" Sehun asks, running her hands up Zitao's sides, stroking her thumb at the patch of skin that were just under Zitao's breasts. The elder cat tosses her head back and lets her eyelids flutter shut, succumbing to the multiple sensations. The heady mixture of their pheromones hitting her nose, along with the musky smell of Sehun's wetness that she can detect, and now, Sehun's thumbs circling at her sensitive nipples with practice ease, is just all too much.

A quiet whimper escapes her parted lips, which quickly escalates to hiccups and gasps for air when Sehun pushes her down, back on the bed and Sehun straddling her hips, and starts licking at one of her nipples. Zitao's really unsure on how she feels about Sehun knowing that she has sensitive nipples. Sehun would always tweak her nipples till they were stiff, then envelope her lips around the nub and suck, which always drove Zitao crazy.

Her hand reaches out to hold Sehun's head, not entirely sure whether to push her away because it's too much, or force her closer because it feels so good, but Sehun looks up at her with lust-filled eyes as she sweeps her tongue at a nub, and fuck, she looks so good like this. Sehun eventually moves away from Zitao's breasts, littering kisses and kittenish licks on every little inch of skin she could see as she slowly advanced downwards, while her tail flicks playfully at Zitao's inner thighs, eliciting another moan from the said cat.

"Fuck, you stink of pheromones." Sehun mutters under her breath, trying to seem that Zitao's not affecting her, but it's a lie. She's so wet that she can feel the precum sticking at her inner thighs, and all she wants to do now is get them off, rest, and repeat. “Fuc--” Sehun gasps, suddenly feeling something slide between her legs, making her dig her nails into Zitao’s shoulders as her hips snaps against Zitao’s.

“You’re not the only who can tease.” Zitao smirks, sliding her black tail between Sehun’s legs again while her hands busies themselves by peeling off the tank top, “What’s the point of wearing this if everyone could still see your bra through it? Plus the cups peeks through the top as well,” Zitao asks, gazing up at Sehun, not really expecting an answer from the latter.

The younger feline bites back a whimper that was bubbling to escape, rocking her hips back and forth for more at the tail’s languid rubbing and occasionally knocking her hips against Zitao’s. A quiet and shaky noise draws out of Sehun’s parted lips when the latter runs her thumb along the underboob area, Sehun quickly scrambling to slap a hand over her mouth to muffle the noises that were desperately trying to leave her. When did Zitao remove her bra?

Unlike Zitao who has sensitive nipples, Sehun’s sensitive at the lower area of her breast. It’s probably one of Zitao’s favorite parts of Sehun’s body; the way Sehun moans and whimpers whenever Zitao runs her tongue at those areas, the way Sehun always squirms away because she thinks it’s all too much for her— Zitao loves it.

“Stop covering your mouth.” Zitao says between airy chuckles, removing Sehun’s hand from her mouth only to move it so that Sehun has a hand on the latter’s shorts. The wetness between her legs throbs with want as she watches Sehun with half-lidded eyes, watching the younger cat’s face scrunch up with pleasure as she lets out a whine when Zitao stops her ministrations to strip Sehun out of her panties.
The blonde feline follows her suit and immediately strips Zitao out of her shorts and black panties as well, leaving them naked.

The elder girl moves back until her back hits the headboard, dragging Sehun along with her so that she’s sitting face to face and in front of Zitao with her legs spread apart, which just makes Sehun look oh-so tempting. Her hands grab at Sehun’s ankle, pulling her forward as she slots her right leg underneath Sehun’s left knee, left leg just beside Sehun’s right leg, causing them to moan at the brief contact of their wetness.

Neither of them are sure who moaned or if it was a mixture of the two of them when Zitao leans over, pressing her breasts up Sehun’s, a hand reaching up to cup Sehun’s neck as the other hand lays flat on Sehun’s wetness. Sehun sobs into Zitao’s mouth, allowing the latter’s tongue to languidly lick her way into Sehun’s mouth, while she draws more of those delicious noises out of Sehun by working her thumb Sehun’s clit.

“Z-Zitao…ahn…” Sehun gasps, dropping her head into the dent of Zitao’s shoulder. With a shaky hand, Sehun returns the favor; eliciting a little drawn out ‘oh’ from Zitao and Sehun’s pretty sure she’s in a complete mess between her legs. She can’t help the unbearable throbs her wetness does when she makes contact with Zitao’s pussy. Zitao was just so wet. The way her precum sticks to Sehun’s fingers in thin threads, along with the lewd sloshing noises (that practically sounded like water trickling) that was emitting from Zitao’s wetness when Sehun swirled and teased Zitao’s lips. Fuck.

“Sehun…ohh…” Zitao whimpers with her head thrown back and eyes rolled to the back of her skull in pleasure. She hooks her left leg over Sehun’s shoulder, forcing their arousals together. “Fuck…” she pants, slowly rocking her hips into Sehun’s.

“Shit that feels so good…” Sehun mewls, removing her fingers between their legs, before rolling her hips up for more.

Zitao shifts away slightly from their mess of legs, removing her leg from Sehun’s shoulder, scrambling for the knob of the drawer of their bedside table to fish out a vibrator, quickly as she can so that she could return to rocking into Sehun’s hips. The heat that pools between Zitao’s legs has went beyond unbearable, so tantalizingly close to the edge but not enough, and she knows Sehun’s close too. Her core was pulsing at the sight of Sehun; the way Sehun had tears in her eyes, hips grinding against hers so desperately like it was the only thing she knew how to do, along with those noises and looking exceptionally debauched- Sehun was so out of it.

The younger girl nearly yelps at the sudden vibration between their legs when Zitao finally decides to slip the vibrator between them and switch it on. “A-Ahh! Zitao!” Sehun cries, trying to press more of her arousal against the little toy that was buzzing away mercilessly. With Zitao’s hands running all over her, rubbing at her underboob area and the base of her tail, Sehun doesn’t last long.

Sehun comes with an inaudible cry, with her hips bucked almost painfully while her back bows off before falling and curling on to her side, all in a span of a minute, as she succumbs to the waves of pleasure that comes crashing down on her. It’s an understatement to say that Zitao’s in awe. Zitao quickly joins her when she rubs the delicious bumps and curves of the toy against her slit, coming with a high pitch shriek and a squirt of her fluids, body practically shaking at the intensity of her orgasm.

Zitao falls on to her back once she drops the toy beside her, with Sehun’s legs now splayed at her side. The room now smelled very much of sex plus the lingering smell of pheromones, along with the sounds of labored breathing, Zitao can’t say it’s not her favorite state of their room. The elder reaches out for Sehun’s hand, trying to pull her up and re-orientate her which only ends up in failure, so she decided to lie on top of the blonde cat.

It takes a little while for Sehun to come back to her sense, but when she does she’s blinking up at Zitao with the most sedated smile Zitao’s ever seen. “The next week is just going to be eat, sex, rest and repeat right?” Sehun asks, a smug smile plastered on her face, and all ZItao wants to do is just thump her head, so she does.



- sooooooo sorry for not writing for like months (i had a really bad writersblock)

- uhm...i wrote like the first few paragraphs like last year? or maybe in january but yea decided to finish it...

- writing's gotten rusty.../awkward chuckle

- Sehun's pink panties

- their position
- did i get on LJ's rating thingy...BUT, THANK YOU GUYS! (currently ranked 8787 which i think is pretty amazing)

- also the first few paragraphs of this got me to be friends with the lovely eexiee

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spot i still haven't showered brb :D

This was so hot omg like SERIOUSLY i was dying i was reading it while i was supposed to be working and i'm like omg i have to stop reading this or there'll be trouble so then i came home and read it and !!!! SOO GOOOOOOOOOOD as expected you are the queen of girlsmut. the tail between the legs is something i will not be able to get out of my head for a very long anyway i loved thisssss so glad we became friends because of it :D

huhuhuhu /covers face like yixing/
thaaaaaank yoooooooooooooooouuuu <3333333333333333

thank you! glad you like it <3

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