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I feel like I have to say something about this situation.
As much as I don’t want Kris to leave EXO, it’s his decision at the end of the day. I’m really not ok with how some of the fans are going about this situation. Some of you say “he knows what he was getting into”, did he really?, plus, can you just imagine if you got put into something you thought you wanted to do but ended up hating it/not enjoying it and you wanted out but your parents or something force you to stay, you’d hate that wouldn’t you? And I am so sure those people or maybe all of us, are people who always say “do what you love, love what you do”, if we can tell that to other people, why can’t we support Kris in his decision.

I know it sucks that he might leave, I cried when I found out. It’s ok to be upset about this and be angry with SM and all that. It’s not ok to go harassing/bashing Kris and the rest of EXO. They’re all going through a hard time, a few members having a harder time. If you were having a hard time would you want to be scolded and yelled at 24/7? I don’t think so.

And I’m gonna mention the ELFs right here. I am an ELF, I’ve been through this before. I’m also a Cassie, whose also been through this before. I wish some of the ELFs would just be a bit more supportive about this. I’ve already seen fanwars about this, and honestly, we never have the time for it so why start it. ELFs, EXOtics are coming to you for help/advice of how to deal with this, you shouldn’t just shrug them off and say it’s none of your business because it’s your fandom. Well, sorry to break it to you, we’re a big kpop family, we help each other. If Suju and EXO can be friends, why can’t the fans as well? And EXOtics, some of you are asking ELFs for opinions on this, some of them say they have no comments since they’re not EXOtics- don’t go fucking bashing ELFs for saying that. ELFs are NOT obliged to have an opinion about this, they’re also not obliged to know about this, also not obliged to feel anything towards this. Even if they should help you, they’re not obliged to.

I may sound ok right now, but I’m pretty sure I’m not. Right now, I’m just worried for Kris and hoping he’s ok. I’m also worried about EXO, at the same time possibly disappointed in them, just because they just seem really unsupportive. However, saying that, the situation at home might be worse than it seems, plus they’re the ones actually going through this. Obviously I’m angry at SM for doing this again.

EXO’s trying their best to make us feel better by still performing, we should keep supporting them. If Kris does end up leaving, we should support his decision, even if we might not accept that. Kris is not a traitor of any means just because he leaves; he’s so selfless, putting up with the fans and the group, and he’s just the biggest sweetheart ever- he wants to be happy, let him be happy. If EXO were to be 11, we should support that. If Kris leaves, and SM replaces him with another member, we should support him. No only12/13 nonsense, support him even if it takes some time to adjust to it.

I said all of this on tumblr in the beginning of this month.

Now…it seems like our fandom is split into OT11, OT12 and Kris stans. It’s understandable that Kris stans are upset about the news and angry at SM and maybe the rest of the members for maybe…being too ok about it? Or just seeming like they didn’t care about him at all? I don’t know. Saying this, I find it just seriously unacceptable when I saw someone said “The man who keeps silent – goes to the hospital. People who play offended, pass a driver’s license and go shopping. This fucking life is so good.”. I’m sorry but I just cannot accept that. It just seems like you’re being an OT11 fan but just supporting Kris.

I understand that you’re really upset/disappointed/angry at EXO for treating this as a small matter? Or for not mentioning anything about the situation during their press conference? I don’t know. But one should not go that far. Regarding the press conference, a lot of people are annoyed at the fact they just pretty much said about how they felt or how they were worried about the fans and not mentioning Kris at all, but I thought it was actually more responsible of them (EXO and SM). They didn’t promise anything like Kris returning or Kris leaving, they just mentioned them as 11 for now, since that’s what they are. They also didn’t say anything about Kris’s situation, but can you blame them if SM themselves can’t contact him, so there might also be a problem of just contacting Kris as well. To the people who are actually paying premium account holders on weibo and baidu to post things about Kris that is untrue, stop that shit. Maybe just take a second to think; if your bias did the exact same thing, would you want rumours going round about him? It would fucking hurt. So, stop it.

EXO might seem like they completely changed personalities after Kris left, seeming like they want nothing to do with him, but honestly, none of us knows if that’s true or if they’re just trying to pretend that they’re ok and just trying to get through it with work. Again, I don’t know. For all we know, the situation might actually be a lot worse than how it seems right now.

To end this, all I can say is be a little bit more empathetic. Pray for the best, expect the worst.

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