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hi guys! happy new year!
sorry I haven't been updating at all, it's been a busy year plus I had a bit (no, it was more than a bit) of a writer's block
I was going to post something up (it's fem!baeksoo) soon once I finished writing...buuutttt my laptop died and won't charge so I can't finish writing it :(

I do have part of it on my phone so I shall post it right here :D

twitter: krispykyu (you'll see me cry over yifan and his perfection) kyuhyunlover3

anddd shout out to the university of edinburgh students :)

Title: Baeksoo WIP
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: femslash, toys (and probably grammar since this was the first draft)
Summary: PWP, fuck buddies AU (for now. the actual thing is still PWP but there is at least some sort of a plot)


Baekhyun not going to lie about how she has a couple of fuck buddies, no strings attached just pure want. Her favorite though has to be Kyungsoo. The said girl is all squishy with her heart shaped lips and all curvy with her supple thighs and impressive rack at first glance, but she's anything but squishy and submissive in bed. Kyungsoo's surprisingly experimental, dildos, vibrators, pretty much anything phalic shaped, handcuffs and all that jazz (she also has a tons of connections when it comes to getting hold of bondage clothes and toys). Even though Kyungsoo denies it every time Baekhyun mentions it, she totally gets off on being dominant, and Baekhyun can't say she does not get off when being dominated. To Baekhyun, Kyungsoo's honestly the most perfect fuck buddy and dom while still not having a full on D/S relationship.

Kyungsoo doesn't really have fuck buddies that she goes to besides Baekhyun. Sure she's slept around with a few other girls on occasions, but they aren't as regular as Baekhyun. She'll never admit it to Baekhyun, but the elder girl is probably the best fuck she has. Submissive, yet still somehow dominant, and she could still dominant others if they ever had other people join them. She also would never let the mood in the room be too tense and border-line D/S, which Kyungsoo deeply appreciated, as much as Kyungsoo likes being somewhat dominant she cannot stand full on D/S. Furthermore, she's equally as adventurous and would try anything within reason, and that just gets Kyungsoo's arousal stirring.

1. double-headed dildo

"Please tell me you're not trying to stuff 12 inches into me." Baekhyun practically deadpans, eying the intimidating toy that was resting in Kyungsoo's palm.

Kyungsoo rolls her eyes at Baekhyun, trying to seem indifferent only to fail as she can't help the snort that escapes. "Who wants to kill themselves during sex?" Kyungsoo asks, bending the toy a couple of times to make sure it's actually flexible.

"Death by sex." Baekhyun says, almost a little too nonchalantly for someone who has her legs spread out. "Would be a good way to leave though."

"But imagine the headline, 'Death by hot pink monster dick'." Kyungsoo replies with a twitch at the corner of her lips as Baekhyun snorts before bursting into fits of giggles which quickly becomes a whine of pain when Kyungsoo hits her with the phalic toy. "It's a double-headed." Kyungsoo continues.

"Where the hell do you get all these things from?" Baekhyun manages out between pants as she takes two fingers.

"Jongin." The younger girl replies, "The store wanted a review before they started selling it, and yup so she gave it to me."

Baekhyun almost asks Kyungsoo to invite the said girl to join them, which gets stuck in her throat when Kyungsoo pushes in the toy with no prior warning. It's a little bit on the thicker end, definitely not for the faint of heart, Baekhyun thinks as she clenches around it, getting used to the girth whilst watching Kyungsoo prep herself. Soon Kyungsoo has her legs tangled with Baekhyun's, her knees on either sides of Baekhyun's and their thighs almost pressed up against each other.

The initial moments after that was chaotic; Baekhyun was forcing herself down on it while Kyungsoo was pulling out, along with Kyungsoo thrusting a little too much into Baekhyun that had her yelping, it wasn't the best time. It's not like they have never used a double-headed dildo before, but it has always been in the almost J-shape so that it was like a harness-less strap-on. But soon, both of them were writhing with pleasure, fucking themselves with the toy, meeting each other in between before grinding up into each other.

Neither of them last very long- Baekhyun, being the little shit that she is, started thrusting almost vigorously into Kyungsoo, making sure to that their pussies were pressed up against each other just like how Kyungsoo likes it, while her fingers circled Kyungsoo's clit, forcing Kyungsoo over the edge. Baekhyun came a couple of minutes after, with a hand on one of her breasts and the other rubbing at her clit, as Kyungsoo pumps the toy in and out of her with her hands.

"I think that's my core workout for the decade." Baekhyun says once she catches her breath, rubbing her aching stomach.

"Never again, will we use that." Kyungsoo agrees, all too breathless for her liking.


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