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Cotton Tail

Cotton Tail | Nana(from After School)/Fem!Lay | NC-17
pwp. my birthday present to my best guy friend (@setaya on tumblr), ily so much and happy birthday again <3
warning: femslash, toys (plug), anal

Yixing is particularly glad Jin-nah isn’t in her composition class, she thinks as she crosses and uncrosses her legs again, trying to relieve the ache between her legs. She’s been trying to focus on her lecture for the past forty-five minutes, her thoughts constantly fleeting back to this morning’s incident. Jin-nah’s order finally arrived this morning, it was something the elder was talking about for weeks, about how she wished it would arrive sooner, but never telling Yixing what it actually was. A somewhat matching set of plugs, a bunny tail plug and a fox tail plug, that had Yixing gulping at the sight.

The elder girl smiled oh-so sweetly, sauntering over to sling her arms around Yixing’s slender waist, pecking at a spot that was close to Yixing’s ears, “Don’t worry, unnie’s going to take good care of you.” She whispers, rewarding her with a flushed and squirming Yixing.

She eyes her hand phone screen as she taps her foot away, lower lip tucked between her teeth, attempting to think of anything that wasn’t the pair of plugs. Yixing worries her lower lip with her teeth as she clenches her legs tighter in attempts to relieve some of the ache, feeling a little bit breathless, nearly moans when her mind wonders back to Jin-nah and how she had Yixing on her knees about a week ago, finger-fucking Yixing’s ass while she fucked Yixing with a strap on. She almost purrs at the thought of how hard she came, probably one of the best orgasms she had, the heat between her legs becoming more and more unbearable, her nipples puckering stiff under the material of bra.

Fifteen more minutes.

“You’re home!” Jin-nah beams when Yixing stumbles into their shared apartment, wrapping her arms Yixing’s waist, her fingers disappearing under the hem of Yixing’s shirt, causing the latter to flush. The younger nearly moans again, and she’s pretty sure she’s soaked through her panties, not because of Jin-nah’s fingers skittering along her skin but at the outfit Jin-nah’s decked in.

Jin-nah already had a fox ears headband on, which matched her red with black lace bra and Yixing has to swallow back a moan when she sees the matching crotchless panties; lace rims hugging at her hips and a cute pink bow at the centre, Yixing’s cheeks flushes as her eyes follows the black strips of fabric that weren’t exactly covering anything but really accented the curve of Jin-nah’s pert butt.

“Go change! Go change!” Jin-nah says excitedly, patting Yixing by the bum and pushing her towards the bathroom.

“When did you even get these?” Yixing asks a little breathlessly against Jin-nah’s lips, parting her lips just enough to accommodate Jin-nah’s tongue, which has Yixing shivering at the contact of their tongues as Jin-nah straddles her thighs. The elder girl giggles into Yixing’s mouth, scraping her teeth along the rim of Yixing’s lips before taking the Chinese girl’s lower lip between her lips to nibble on it and lets out another string of giggles escape her lips when she pulls away, watching her girlfriend with closed lids leaning forward, trying to claim her lips again.

“On the day I ordered the plugs.” Jin-nah replies, pressing the palm of her hands at Yixing’s shoulders to push Yixing down on to the bed, on to her back. “Hold on.” She whispers a little too closely to Yixing’s neck, causing the latter to squirm.

Yixing feels her nipples stiffen, half from the cold air and the other half from arousal, as she watches Jin-nah climb over her to fish out a used bottle of lube – crotchless panties really leaves very little to the imagination - dropping it on to the bed along with the plugs. A warm flush starts to work up to Yixing’s face due to shyness, decorating her cheeks with a lovely pink hue, when Jin-nah’s eyes traces up and down the length of her body. The elder has Yixing in a pretty white lace, demi bra which accentuates her soft curves, simple but sexy just like how Yixing likes it. Yixing’s breath hitches as Jin-nah runs her fingers along Yixing’s flat tummy, tracing over and appreciating the faint lines of Yixing’s abs, her eyes dipping a little lower to Yixing’s hips, where the thin slink hugs. A spike of arousal rushes southwards when her eyes wanders further down, matching white lace splitting right down the centre into two sides to reveal Yixing’s crotch, and topped off with a bunny ears white lace hairband that was sitting on the tops of Yixing’s head.

“This is embarrassing.” Yixing mumbles, turning her face to the side, burying her nose into her pillow.

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” Jin-nah whispers into Yixing’s ear, trailing her lips over the shell of Yixing’s ear, and flicks her tongue over the earring stud and tugging at it with her teeth, before working her lips downward to Yixing’s sensitive neck, eliciting a moan from the younger girl. Yixing swallows back a whine that was threatening to leave her parted lips when Jin-nah pulls away, her idle hand stroking down Yixing’s sides, passing her waist and hips down to her thighs.

The elder scoots away from Yixing, sitting in front of the said girl with spread legs before popping the cap of the bottle lube and smearing lubricant over her fingers. “Follow me.” She says, passing the bottle of lube to Yixing, who flushes at the sigh, her eyes wanders downwards, gulping when she watches Jin-nah’s finger disappear into her ass.

A second digit follows, and has Jin-nah reduced to moans, writhing against her fingers as she stretches her puckered entrance. Yixing's lips parted, gaping slightly at the demonstration in front of her while she tries to shift her weight in order to reduce the unbearable throbbing between her legs. A moan rumbles from the back of Jin-nah's throat, and Yixing is mesmerized by the sight. Yixing has caught Jin-nah pleasuring herself several times, in their bedroom, in their living room, on the study chair, with her fingers, with a dildo, and she even tried to hide away from her girlfriend just so she could watch a little longer while she clutches her crotch and hopes to god she doesn't come embarrassingly fast plus with no stimulation.

She just likes to watch.

She likes the way Jin-nah's flat tummy convulses when she's close, the way her hair clings to her face, especially when Jin-nah doesn't even bother to flip her hair out of her face because she's so far gone. Yixing loves the way Jin-nah loses herself when she comes, lurching forward almost gracefully as her hip snaps and jerks, and she especially loves the fact that Jin-nah squirts. And she just finds that so hot.

Yixing's teeth snags on to her lower lips, her eyes never wavering from the display in front of her as she spreads the cool gel over her own fingers before bringing it to her puckered entrance. She squirms a bit at her spot, not too particularly accustomed to having her finger up her ass, it's a little uncomfortable.

On the opposite side, Jin-nah's already slicking up the fox tail plug with lube, pushing it in slowly after she lines up the toy and nudges the blunt tip against her ass, her head tipped back with pleasure. Her nipples pull taut at the ministrations, thoroughly enjoying the friction of the toy against her walls as she clenches around it experimentally. Once the toy is fully seated in Jin-nah, she crawls over to her girlfriend, who's scissoring herself open and letting out quiet pants that Jin-nah finds so cute, swatting the hand away to replace them with her own.

Jin-nah's lips tug into a small smirk as she grips Yixing's jutting hip bone with her idle hand and wiggles her fingers with the other against the heated walls, relishing the incoherent noises Yixing was making as she tries to squirm her way out of Jin-nah's hold when she felt the pair of lips against her neck. The younger of the two bites back a whine when Jin-nah removes her fingers, only to replace them with the slicked up bunny tail plug. Her hands latches on to Jin-nah's arms instinctively, chest heaving for much needed air as the toy is carefully slid into her ass, just until it's fully seated, and only the cute little cotton tail can be seen.

"Cute as a button." Jin-nah coos, kissing Yixing on the tip of her nose, traveling back down to kiss her girlfriend square on the lips, greedily parting Yixing's lips with her tongue. Her lips trails down to her chin, nipping at Yixing's skin, before littering kisses along her jawline then down her neck.

"Unnie." Yixing whines, not particularly sure whether she wants to move away because it's uncomfortable or lean in because it's riling her up. Jin-nah cradles Yixing's neck to hold her in place as she attempts to cover every inch of skin available with hickeys; ever so slowly moving her way down Yixing's body from her clavicles to her sternum to finally come to a stop at her tummy.

Jin-nah bites back a groan, letting out an airy little laugh instead when Yixing loops her fingers in Jin-nah's hair and tugs, forcing the elder to look up at her with a pair of half lidded eyes and a lazy smile that graced Jin-nah's lips. Her hands flutters along Yixing's waist, admiring the delicate curves which were accentuated by the white lace of her lingerie, as she rests her chin on the expanse of Yixing's tummy to look at her handiwork. Her fingers runs along the edge of Yixing's bra, languidly following the shape of the cups of the bra, before she starts circling at Yixing's twin nubs that were already pointed underneath the material with her thumbs.

Another gasp tears out of Yixing's throat as she tightens her grip on Jin-nah's forearms, arching up into Jin-nah's fingers for more. Even though Yixing always have been a little flatter than Jin-nah, her nipples were always much more sensitive than the elder girl's (and Jin-nah's pretty sure her pussy just quivered with want and anticipation at the thought of how she had Yixing sobbing for Jin-nah, a while back, to touch her when she only paid attention to Yixing's neck and nipples, even when she clearly knew Yixing was throbbing so hard).

Her lips immediately latches on at the dusky little nipples as soon as she lowers the cups of Yixing's bra, dotting Yixing's pale skin with hickeys after tonguing at a nipple while her fingers pinches the other, earning her a half-hearted tug of her hair. "Jin-nah unnie..." Yixing practically sighs, cupping her neck to lift Jin-nah's head up for an open mouth kiss as she somehow manages to arrange Jin-nah's fox ears skewed headband back to its original position. It's Yixing's turn now to decorate Jin-nah's body with love bites, paying lots of attention of the twin pair of breasts.

Not a lot of people know this but, Yixing's a boobs kinda person.

Jin-nah exhales a rather unsteady breath as she watches Yixing, who's sucking at her nipples so earnestly, alternating between the two so neither of them feels too left out. The hand that she never knew was on Yixing's waist runs along the edges of Yixing's panties, slowly traveling between the open slit before making contact with Yixing's arousal. The younger of the two muffled a moan into Jin-nah's skin, rolling her hips tentatively as Jin-nah trails a couple of fingers up and down her wet folds, keening and arching into Jin-nah's arms when Jin-nah rubs at her clit almost torturously slow and pulls the plug out a little, only to push it back in.

"Ahh unnie!” Yixing chokes out, sloppily lapping her tongue along Jin-nah's breasts, nipping at the skin that were just below them. Her body quivers at the contact of Jin-nah's finger pads, fuck she just really wants to come, so fucking badly, but Jin-nah is moving her fingers so slowly, dipping her finger into her but nothing more. "F-Faster please." she manages out, better than expected, burying her face into the dents of Jin-nah's shoulders.

"But don't you want it to feel so good? Remember how hard you came when I worked you up nice and slow? Don't you want that?" Jin-nah asks, tipping Yixing's head back with her free hand to force the younger to look up at her, loving how debauched Yixing looks with those half lidded lust filled eyes. She doesn't get an immediate reply, not that she was expecting anything besides the little pants and laboured breathing she was currently getting as she rubs at her clit at a slow and steady pace.

"Unnie…please." Yixing lets out a whine which breaks off into a sob, scratching up Jin-nah's forearms while Jin-nah works her fingers a little quicker, knuckles brushing against her slit.
Jin-nah removes her fingers just as Yixing starts writhing against her, and rearranges herself into a 69 position with her knees just under Yixing’s arms and her face just inches away from Yixing’s arousal. She traces a hand along Yixing’s calf as she spreads Yixing’s lips apart to blow warm air into the said girl, who quivers and twitches under the teasing ministrations. The younger girl tries her best to not thrust upwards and potentially hit Jin-nah’s head with her hips or something, and instead sinks her teeth into her lower lip, heaving a long breath that comes out as a sigh of pleasure. Finally, Jin-nah’s tongue is on her.

Both her hands makes their way up the back of Jin-nah’s thighs unconsciously, letting her palms roam around to feel the smooth skin, just stopping at Jin-nah’s ass to spreads her cheeks apart. Using her thumb, she circles the puckered entrance almost affectionately, coaxing a sharp ‘ngh!’ from Jin-nah, awing at the way Jin-nah clenches around the toy even more whenever she tries to tease the puckered entrance apart.

She carefully shifts until she can somewhat sit up, slinging an arm at the little space between Jin-nah’s hips and thighs, anchoring them as Yixing licks a wide stripe downward, starting from Jin-nah’s clit. Jin-nah’s legs buckles when Yixing starts lapping her tongue sloppily at Jin-nah’s entrance, spreading the throbbing entrance to teasingly dip her tongue in and out of Jin-nah that has her rocking her hips back against Yixing’s tongue for more.

The younger tips her head back for a second to push the fox tail away from her face, holding it still with a free hand, wetting her lower lip before she dives her tongue into Jin-nah’s wet folds, earning another string of moans that sets off a chain reaction and has Yixing crying out at the vibrations. Her tongue then moves away from Jin-nah’s folds, working its way up to the puckered entrance to hesitantly rim Jin-nah’s ass, curling her fingers around the base of the plug to carefully twist the toy just slightly.

“Again.” Jin-nah moans, turning her head back to face Yixing, who complies easily and slides the toy out a little only to push it back in. Her body tenses and trembles visibly at that, lower lip tucked between her teeth and exhales, raising her hips off in attempts to move away because it’s just too much, but so good at the same time.

“Jin-nah…ohh…” Yixing pants, once Jin-nah focuses back on her, feeling the fingers skitter along her entrance as warm heat suddenly envelops her swollen nub and has her gasping and trashing at the dual sensation. Her body practically eases with a sigh of relief into the pillows when Jin-nah finally slides two fingers into her, vigilantly stroking her insides and just god it feels so good. With her idle hand, Jin-nah pulls out the toy out half way, then pushing it back in and back out again, trying to match her pace with her fingers as well.

Given the awkward position, the pace was chaotic, sometimes too fast or too slow, but it kept Yixing on her toes. Then there’s also the fast build-up of unbearable heat between her legs. “J-Jin-nah…I’m close…” Yixing warns before Jin-nah scrambles so that she’s face to face with Yixing and parting Yixing’s lips apart for a sloppy kiss. Jin-nah tweaks Yixing’s clit as she rings her fingers around the plastic base, quickly returning to pace she’d set, and rubbing almost relentlessly at Yixing’s clit.

Jin-nah feels herself throb with more want, if it was even possible, at the sight of Yixing. When Yixing is close, her body is strung so tight and taut, and she looks like she’s trying to hold off her orgasm, until it gets too much that she just comes undone and succumbs to the pleasure. Yixing was never the kind to call out a person’s name during sex, usually she’s so caught up with her own pleasure she forgets to breathe for a second, the sharp gasp for air before her body gives into the euphoria. The quiet “Jin-nah” that escapes Yixing’s pretty lips always has her heart swelling in some sort of pride.

Yixing looks up at Jin-nah with a blissful expression, as her chests rises and falls in attempts to gulp down the much needed oxygen, relishing the little pecks Jin-nah placed. As she fixes the wires in Yixing’s lopsided bunny ear, the tinkling giggle from the latter has Jin-nah’s heart swelling and thrumming away again. The Chinese girl rearranges Jin-nah’s hands so that they were looped around her neck, and also nudge Jin-nah’s knees, that were between her own, further apart. “Your turn.” Yixing whispers quietly.

Her hands travels up Jin-nah’s inner thighs, sending the elder a teasing smile when she finds a mess between Jin-nah’s legs. “Hurr- god Yixing…” Jin-nah heaves as her head throws back in pleasure. Yixing circles Jin-nah’s clit with her thumb, running down the slit when she reaches behind Jin-nah to fuck the toy into her. “More more more…” Jin-nah chants and her body bounces on the spot to fuck herself back against the toy.

“O-Oh- Yixing!” Jin-nah gasps, clutching on to Yixing with her dear life as the said girl rubs her clit mercilessly quick. She comes without much warning with her eyes squeezed tight and her head thrown back, her body just contorting and trembling uncontrollably with her hips snapping as she squirts.

The younger girl sort of catches Jin-nah when she slumps, legs still twitching from the intensity, pressing her lips to Jin-nah’s temple. Jin-nah finally moves to Yixing’s side once she catches her breath, immediately removing her headband when it bumped the headboard, Yixing following the same suit. She slings her arm around Yixing’s smaller body, pulling her close till they’re pressed against each other- slotting her lips between Yixing’s for a few seconds only to pull away and drop countless of pecks on those lips.

“We should take these out.” Jin-nah says while she pokes on the cotton tail several times.

“I think we should keep it in.” Yixing whispers huskily into her ear.



- references:
Nana: - fox tail (NSFW)
          - bra (NSFW) and panties (NSFW)
Lay: - bunny tail (NSFW)
       - panties (NSFW)
       - headband
- i'm so sorry i haven't written anything for such a long time, really busy with uni TT_TT (also sorry for...wtv typos/grammar stuff, i kinda have no time to proof read)
- i actually posted this prompt on exopromptmeme , but nobody filled it..which was pretty i just decided to do it (P.S someone please fill it in, even if i've written it, both of us really want to read more)
- me and @setaya had like the longest conversation on how kris and nana would have like...idk godly looking babies then...really diverted to nanalay anddd yup you can read the prompts
- i am pretty sure i forgotten how to smut at one point...andddd...i didn't know how to end this
- twitter: krispykyu
- tumblr: magnaeobsessed

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