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Aftercare | fem!kaisoo | NC-17
Jongin likes it rough, and Kyungsoo gets off on that.
Warning: use of gag ball, use of crop whip/spanking, BDSM nature

Kyungsoo is anything but innocent in bed, and Jongin has absolutely no problem with that. Strap-ons, vibrators, whips, ropes, bondage clothing, Kyungsoo has them all, hidden in the back of her closet, and the lewder gears hidden in a loose floor panel. It always has Jongin's skin itching with arousal, and has her squirming in anticipation.

 They don't use them all the time, but Jongin does have a slight affinity to it. It's not just the numbing sensation after a few spanks that have Jongin's toes curling with pleasure, but the care before and after it. Kyungsoo's generally very indifferent in front of their friends, not particularly a fan of PDA, always trying to squirm out of Jongin's hold when the latter tries to press a kiss on her cheek (but never actually saying no to her). So Jongin likes it. From the little imaginary circles Kyungsoo draws on Jongin's skin, usually as a warning or a gesture, silently asking if Jongin's okay, which always has Jongin's heart swelling at the affection, to the way Kyungsoo makes sure that the bondage gear isn't too tight for her to be lightheaded, to the way Kyungsoo rubs soothing gel or lotion on her skin to soothe the blooming bruises and sores. Just everything.

"Hmf!" Jongin moans around the gag ball, her spit trickling down the corner of her mouth, fingers tightening on the wooden bed frame as she braces for the next blow. Kyungsoo's got Jongin in a hot, writhing mess, hands bounded to the bed frame with rope, not too coarse to leave bruises or welts but enough to make her skin blotch, on her knees with her now rosy ass facing Kyungsoo.

She's also got Jongin so wet.

"6 more, okay?" Kyungsoo says more than questions, voice stern but Jongin knows there's the underlying tone of concern. Jongin nods, eyelids screwed shut as she draws a shaky breath in through her nose.

Jongin muffles a whimper around the ball when Kyungsoo runs her hands at Jongin's striped ass, feeling Kyungsoo's thumb stroke at the light bruises that were starting to form.

Kyungsoo runs the riding crop down the center of Jongin's right thigh, letting the soft leather tip trace the slope and curves of her thighs, earning a shudder from the latter. She constantly keeps Jongin on her toes, suddenly hitting her at the back of her thighs, eliciting a muffled high pitched gasp from Jongin.

10. Jongin counts, her chest heaving as she pants for air. "Ohh..." Jongin moans, eyelids fluttering shut as her body shudders almost deliciously when Kyungsoo slide the riding crop between her legs, pressing the tip of it at her swollen clit. Her head falls and her back arches at that, because oh that feels so good, the much needed friction paired with the slight fear that Kyungsoo might hit her clit just simply has her arousal surging.

The elder girl would be lying if she said dominating didn't turn her on at all. It wasn't the fact that she could dominate, more of because she gets to see Jongin fall apart and all because of her, and that just gets her off. She presses her body up against Jongin, who immediately pushes her hips back at the contact, almost rutting against her body, which makes her raise her free hand and spank Jongin's already sore ass. Because bad girls will be punished. The younger girl muffles a scream that fades into a whimper, her ass stings at the assault but god Jongin loves to be spanked.

"You want to be a bad girl and be punished?" Kyungsoo accentuates into Jongin's ear, before sinking her teeth into the shell of Jongin's ear, causing Jongin’s skin to break out with goosebumps as she shakes her head in reply. “Good.” Kyungsoo says, removing her body from Jongin and surprising the latter with another blow at her inner thighs. 11. Jongin yelps, legs immediately shutting on instinct. Kyungsoo slides the crop whip between her thighs again, lightly petting them as a prompt to spread them apart. “Legs apart.” she orders, the tone of her voice just simply has Jongin in a wet mess.

The next three blows come in a consecutive set hard and fast on her ass. 12, 13, 14. She simply watches Jongin, who now has pleasure induced tears in her eyes along with red bitten lips, with her back arched and fingers wrapped so tightly on the wooden frame, throat exposed bobbing and gulping for much needed air. Just the sight alone had Kyungsoo so wound up.

Kyungsoo circles around marvelling at her handiwork, red splotches decorating Jongin’s behind which are coupled with the random streaks, beautifully striped. She moves the crop once again as she makes her way to Jongin’s side, easing more goosebumps to the surface of Jongin’s skin with the tip of the crop, tracing lightly along the side of her thighs.

The younger girl doesn’t remember when the riding crop wound up at her breasts, Kyungsoo working it between her breasts, to Jongin’s stiff nipples. Kyungsoo works the crop just under her nipples, before flicking the tip against the erect nubs and causing Jongin’s head to lull to the side with pleasure. Jongin’s so jittery right now, trying to stay still while Kyungsoo continues with her ministrations, she can practically feel her pre-cum sticking in her inner thighs and all she wants to do is rub herself against their and just come.

She just wants to come so badly.

The leather tip slides further down, finally ending at Jongin’s wetness. Jongin rocks her hips slowly, working up her pace as Kyungsoo rubs the tip along the length of her wetness, and just ohhh. Her body practically jolts when Kyungsoo hits her swollen clit with just enough pressure to reduce Jongin into a sobbing mess.  Fuck.

The last blow comes out of nowhere, square of Jongin’s striped butt cheek, rewarding Kyungsoo with a muffled scream. 15. “Such a good girl for me.” Kyungsoo coos, pressing her chest into Jongin’s back and slinging an arm around Jongin’s waist to hold her steady. “So so good.” She continues with her lips at the shell of Jongin’s ear, watching the latter’s eyes flutter shut with pleasure when she brings a hand down between Jongin’s legs.

Kyungsoo starts slow, her fingerpads trailing up and down her wet folds, swiftly working up a pace which has Jongin thrashing her head to the sides. Jongin sobs around the gag ball, saliva dripping down her chin, as Kyungsoo circles Jongin’s clit with her thumb, rubbing at it earnestly. It doesn’t take long for Jongin to come after being on edge for so long, especially when Kyungsoo starts finger fucking her with two fingers, fast and hard, that has her rocking her hips back for more, along with pinching Jongin’s nipples. She comes with her back arched, throat bobbing and chest heaving for air, eyes rolling to the back of her skull and her whole body quivering with pleasure.

The hand wrapped around Jongin’s waist slips away, carefully lowering Jongin’s hips till her body lies flat on the bed, arms awkwardly placed. The elder girl reaches over, undoing the binds, rubbing at Jongin’s wrist before unfastening and removing the gag ball, kissing her tenderly on the lips. Jongin giggles dazedly between gulps of air when Kyungsoo pulls away, still feeling absolutely euphoric after her orgasm.

Jongin places her hand on the back Kyungsoo’s thigh when Kyungsoo kneels on the bed, pulling her close to Jongin, who leans up almost sluggishly, spreading Kyungsoo’s thigh. She loves how Kyungsoo becomes the complete opposite when it’s her turn to be pleasure- submissive and oh so responsive. Kyungsoo comes with an inaudible scream with her fingers buried Jongin’s locks of hair, forcing her face closer between her legs, tongue lapping and flicking at her wetness.

Kyungsoo slumps down beside Jongin, pulling her up till Jongin is sprawled on top of her after leaning over the nightstand to fish out a bottle of soothing gel. Jongin hisses and sighs when she feels the familiar cooling sensation on her butt as Kyungsoo gently massages the flesh. She likes this a lot. The kisses Kyungsoo drops on her lips repeatedly as she cares for Jongin’s striped butt, then the gentle massages at her sore wrists, followed by more kisses and mutters of ‘I love you’s.

 She really likes this bit.

She just really likes them like this in general.


- highly inspired by:
d_ecrease's fic and shiniez's work (warning: BDSM)
- got a bit lazy with the fucking and eating out otl.
- the title is a term used in BDSM for once it's over, the care doms do to make sure their subs are ok physically, emotionally and mentally which i just think is so romantic

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thank you! glad you like it so much!

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